Caring for Your Lawn This Summer

Topic: Maintenance

Summer is here, which means beautiful weather, lush trees and green grass!

At Rohit Communities, your rear deck and landscaping come included with your duplex home*. To get the greenest grass and be the envy of all of your neighbours, there are certain routine lawnb care tips you can follow.

1) Ensure your mower blade is sharp and set at the right height

Sharpen the blade of your mower regularly to ensure clean lines and prevent the browning of your grass.  When mowing, leave the grass taller to prevent the soil from getting too dry and weeds from spreading.

2) Go bagless

Leave your lawn clippings on the lawn, don’t bag and dispose of them. Because grass contains so many nutrients and moisture, going bagless can help give you that healthy and lush looking lawn. This is a great way to not only save you time bagging extra garbage, it saves you money on fertilizer and reduces CO2 emissions into the environment! The City of Edmonton has more information on their grass recycling program and “going bagless.”

3) Get out the sprinkler

While leaving your lawn clippings out to provide moisture is a great step, you will also need to supplement with watering your lawn. It is recommended to apply one inch of water to your area at a time, preferably in the morning. This is better than watering frequently in short periods as it uses more water and makes your grass more susceptible to drought conditions. Don’t forget corners and edges, as they dry out the fastest and are often missed by sprinklers! Keep in mind, over watering can lead to poor growth and disease.

New sod requires much more attention. For optimal lawn health, we recommend this three-week watering and mowing schedule as soon as it is installed:

4) Clean up after “Spot”

Nobody loves your dog “Spot” more than you, but if your lawn could talk, it might not agree! When your dog does its business on the lawn, it can lead to spots of dead grass. Clean up when needed and dilute the area with water. Even better yet, create an area with pebbles or mulch that Spot can use when he goes out.

5) Whack your weeds

Apply weed control to help with existing weeds and prevent new ones from sprouting. You can find one at your local home improvement store.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you to be the envy of your neighbours with the greenest lawn around!

*Applicable for duplexes in Edmonton and Regina.


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