Living a “Hygge” Life in a “Hygge” Home

Topic: Democratization of Style

What does Hygge mean? Pronounced “hoo-gah”, this Danish word encompasses a feeling in time.

It’s those content, warm, cozy and charming moments in life that makes you feel all around good inside!

In the winter months, Danes live through long dark days, yet Denmark has consistently ranked among the top of the world’s happiest countries! They do this by bringing happiness and warmth into their lives through hygge! Whether it’s enjoying a nice meal with close friends and family, cozying up by the fire on a cold day, or having flowers in the house to brighten up the space, hygge truly is the small things that naturally create all around good moments.

So what better place to experience the contentment of hygge than in your very own home? We’ve hand-picked a few things that will help to make your home more hyggelig:

1. Candles for Atmosphere

Light from candles help create the ultimate comfortable and cozy space. Some Danes believe that if you don’t have candles, you can’t have a hyggelig home!

2. Wooden and Natural Objects

Wooden furniture and decorative accents. Wood is a natural material, and what is cozier than being one with nature! Other natural elements could include floral arrangements with greenery and twigs, or a cozy sheep skin throw for the sofa chair.

3. Cushions and Blanket Throws to Add Colour & Texture

On a cold day, snuggle up in your favourite blanket and rest among all your beautiful cozy cushions! Natural textures like fleece or wool are perfect, and don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to help make the space your own.

4. Books for You and Your Family

Let the mind relax, venture into a new world of imagination, or conjure up your next meal! Reading on your own, or with your family in peace and quiet, brings that hygge feeling.

5. Designer Interior

Rohit Communities created the New Nordic Designer Interior to bring a little hygge into your home. It’s our take on a mid-century modern Scandinavian design. White upper cabinets create an airy and bright space, while the horizontal grain base cabinets and hand-sculpted wood flooring provide visual texture. Black accents found in the lighting and door hardware throughout the home add a bold contrast to the natural beauty of this style. A beautifully designed interior that brings together all of the elements of the perfect hygge home.

Looking for more designer style tips to bring hygge into your home? You’ll receive your very own coffee table version of the “Your New Nordic Home” style guide when you purchase a Rohit home in this Designer Interior! Here you’ll find tips on furnishing, decorating, and living the New Nordic lifestyle!

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